Unholy Triumvirate (free download)

by Cain

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Limited Edition of 500 7" vinyl - available at contaminatedtones.blogspot.com/search/label/CTP-026-I

Cain side Recorded February 2014 at Mark Studios in Clarence, NY by Fred Betschen.

Go to contaminatedtones.blogspot.com/search/label/CTP-026-I to purchase.


released May 16, 2015

Cain side:
Eareckson Murray - Guitar, Vocals
Bryant Morrison - Drums, vocals
Zack Demarzio - Bass



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Cain Buffalo, New York

Cain is a three piece death thrash metal band from Buffalo, NY. Started in 2010 by Eareckson Murray and Bryant Morrison and joined by Zack Rot in 2012. Drawing influences from many different styles of music including Death, Slayer, Rush, Voivod, Athiest, and more, Cain is a familiar yet fresh sound in the world of metal. ... more


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Track Name: Genocide
As nature's precious life gets slowly drained
The mighty dollar takes it by the veins
Soon there will be nothing left for us to sustain
We feel the toxins sink in by the pound
Stealing all the lifeblood from the ground
A barren wasteland for the next generation, death surrounds

Savior to man, Destroy and expand, More they demand
We feel our end close at hand

The pockets of the few proliferate
Their apathy serves to annihilate
The planet struggles but to no avail, sealed our fate
The end of days once prophesized
The god they worshiped now dead it lies
Left to themselves to rot and die, ignore their cries

Nature's cabal, our race will fall

We choke, can't speak, our future, turns bleak
Resist, no time, from these white collar crimes
Our bodies pile as we feed the machine
Futile attempts at results unforseen
Making history time and again
Replaceable as the next specimen

Armageddon starting now, class divisions disavowed
On your on no call for help, sacrifice to save yourself
You cannot escape your fate, your home planet filled with hate
Vines are ripping one in two, blood on soil creating life anew

Destroyed our race now lays in defeat
History can no longer repeat
Our mistakes which have led to our end
Earth's genocide complete
Track Name: Necronomicon (Edit)
From the portal to the past, 1300 years have passed
The evil deadites now progress, for the book they must possess
The living look to Ash for help, it seems he needs it for himself
To get sent back to his own time, or be forever left behind

Behold, the book, of the dead (Necronomicon)
Unleashed, by three words, that he said (Necronomicon)
The army of darkness lay siege (Necronomicon)
In search for immortality (Necronomicon)

Klaatu Verata Necto

The words are spoken but all wrong, Wicked forest far too strong
The power of the dead ensues, Undead lord finds life anew
Undead clone finally slain, the past is saved from undead reign
The power of the tome is praised, destroyed the dead it also raised

Behold, the book, of the dead (Necronomicon)
Unleashed, by three words, that he said (Necronomicon)
The army of darkness lay siege (Necronomicon)
In search for immortality (Necronomicon)